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Pozharnaya bezopasnost’/FIRE SAFETY

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Editorial Policy

1. The editorial policy of the scientific-technical journal “Pozharnaya bezopasnost’/Fire Safety” (further – the journal) is based on modern legal requirements for copyright and the allied rights stated in the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

2. The publication’s academic concept is to create a scientific and information space reflecting the state of researches of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of fire safety.

3. The purposes of the journal are to develop international interaction in the considered sphere, to promote interdisciplinary research at the current world level as well as to expand the possibility of knowledge and professional experience exchange between researchers. 

4. The main objective of the journal is to distribute the information on scientific researches in the field of fire safety over the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

5. The subject-matter of the journal includes: information on the publication of new legal acts and regulations on fire safety, data on science achievements, technology, the best practices in the Russian Federation and foreign countries in the field of fire safety as well as fire statistics and other information.

6. The journal publishes scientific articles and information materials that contain results of scientific research and tests in the field of fire safety on the scientific specialty 05.26.03 “Fire and industrial safety” (technical sciences) in various branches of industry (chemical, petrochemical, timber, woodworking, pulp and paper, light, construction, mining, metallurgical, power, transport, etc.). The journal also publishes methodical and legal documents, orders and decrees of EMERCOM of Russia, as well as reviews, comments, reference materials etc.

7. Target audience includes fire service managers and officers, researchers and practitioners in the field of fire safety, managers and specialists of enterprises producing fire-technical and fire-hazardous production and providing appropriate services, as well as the executives and specialists ensuring fire safety of enterprises for common industrial purpose, building and other organizations.

8. The editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:

  • objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication;

  • high demands to the quality of scientific researches;

  • observance of reliability, scientific significance and relevance of published works;

  • collective nature in decision-making on the publication of articles;

  • availability and efficiency in communication with authors;

  • strict observance of copyright and editorial ethics;

  • strict adherence to the journal release schedule. 

9. Authors (co-authors) are persons who took part in research and creation of the manuscript and are responsible for its content. The author who submitted the manuscript to the editor is responsible for the data presentation about the group of authors as well as for coordination with the co-authors concerning the changes to the manuscript content as the results of its review and editing.

10. All copyrights of the article belong to its authors. The author transfers the rights to use the article to the journal publisher on the basis of a non-exclusive (simple) license. The transfer of rights is fixed by signing the license agreement. Exclusive rights to use the materials of the scientific-technical journal “Fire Safety” belong to FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia.

11. The publisher of the journal is FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia and it incurs all expenses on production and issue of the journal to the public. Authors are not charged for the publication of articles. Reviewing is not paid. 

12. The journal pursues the policy of ensuring the maximum availability of published materials (public informing, including through the Internet) by placing electronic articles of the journal on websites of domestic and foreign electronic libraries and information bases. When using materials published in the journal “Fire Safety” in other publications it is obligatory to give the reference to the journal.

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Address of the Editorial Staff:

mkr. VNIIPO, 12, Balashikha, Moscow region, 143903, Russia

+7 (495) 521-23-33 (Editor-in-chief), +7 (495) 524-98-70 (Editorial Staff)
vniipo@vniipo.ru vniipo_onti@vniipo.ru

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