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Denis Mikhaylovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia.




1997 – Novosibirsk State University, Department of Physics (Physics of nonequilibrium processes).

Professional experience

Since 1997 – All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection (VNIIPO);

2012–2015 – Head of Department of Fire Safety of Industrial Objects, Technology and Simulation of Industrial Accidents;

2015–2016 – Head of Research Center of Normative and Technical Problems of Fire Safety;

Since 2017 – Head of the Institute.

Field of Research

Scientist in the field of fire safety of technological processes, modeling the accidents with fires and explosions at hazardous manufacturing entities.

With the assistance of D.M. Gordienko there was developed a number of regulations and normative documents on fire safety, including “Technique for Determination of Fire Risk Ratings at Manufacturing Entities”, SP 12.13130.2009 “Definition of Categories of Rooms, Buildings and External Installations on Fire and Explosion Danger”, SP 156.13130.2014 “Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities. Fire Safety Requirements”, SP 240.1311500.2015 “Storage Facilities for Liquefied Natural Gas. Fire Safety Requirements”.

With direct participation and/or under the leadership of D.M. Gordienko there was implemented a number of scientific and practical works on fire safety of manufacturing entities, including entities of development of oil-and-gas field on a continental shelf, oil and petrochemical refineries, objects of land space infrastructure as well as other unique, highly dangerous and technically difficult manufacturing entities. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications.


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