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1. Articles submitted to the journal should be accompanied by the license agreement on transfer of non-exclusive copyrights to FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia (Publisher of the journal).

2. It is not allowed to send to the editor staff articles that have been published and/or accepted for publication in other editions.

3. The paper submitted to publication in journal should be presented in the following order:

  • Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) index;

  • First name, patronymic (in full) and surname of the author(s), place of work and hold position, academic degree (rank) in nominative case – in Russian and English;

  • Title of paper – in Russian and English;

  • Abstract - in Russian with capacity of 500 printed characters with spaces, extended abstract (summary) in English with about 2000 characters with spaces;

  • Keywords – in Russian and English;

  • Paper text– in Russian;

  • References;

  • Figures, tables.

  • Captions to tables and figures - in Russian and English.

4. Authors are persons who have made a significant contribution to the research and writing the article. Persons participating in work partially should be specified in the note.

5. Titles of scientific articles should be accurate and concise and at the same time quite informative. Transliteration is unacceptable when translating the titles of articles into English, except for untranslatable proper names, names of devices and other objects.

6. Abstract should contain the subject, the theme, the purpose of the work, the method or methodology of its implementation as well as the results, the field of their application and conclusions.

7. Summary in English (according to the requirements of the international databases) should both keep the structure of the article and state briefly its content (but should not be a tracing-paper from the Russian-language abstract).

8. Keywords should contain not less than 5 words and word-combinations consisting of not more than 3 words.

9. References should include bibliographic information about all publications cited in the text. All references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in the text and should be placed in the same order as in the text. The literary reference in the text is marked by an ordinal number in square brackets.

10. In accordance with the requirements of international databases the publisher assigns to the article a unique identification number DOI (digital object identifier).

11. The volume of the article (including figures, tables and references) should not exceed 10 pages of the typescript text. The text of the article should be printed in 1.5 intervals (font Times New Roman, type size 12) on one side of the A4 format sheet.

12. The drawings shall be also submitted by separate files (do not inserted into the WinWord): tone — in a raster format (TIF, JPG, resolution shall not be lower than 300 dpi), graphic material — in a vector format (WMF, EPS, etc.) or the files with expansion corresponding to the graphic editors, in which they are executed. The drawings shall be clear, suitable for computer reproduction. It is not required to overload them with the minor data which are indirectly related to the text of the article.

13. Articles sent not in full are not accepted for consideration.

14. Before sending the article to the editorial staff of the journal, the authors shall check the text of the article for absence of possible borrowing from other publications using a special program.

15. All articles are reviewed. In case of receiving comments to the article during the review process the authors should submit an improved version of the paper. Unimproved articles are not considered.

16. Articles not accepted for publication are not returned to the author.

17. Publication of typescripts for graduate students is free of charge. Review is not paid. The author's fee for the publication of articles is not provided. Typescripts are not returned.

18. Expanded requirements to the authors, presentation of articles, review terms and conditions, ethical fundamentals of editorial policy are submitted on the website https://firesafety-vniipo.ru/

Articles are accepted via e-mail: vniipo_onti@vniipo.ru 

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